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League for ages 10-18
League for ages 10-18

Email for registration and questions


Buddy Ball is a soccer program for children with learning disabilities, and/or physical disabilities. Each buddy ball athlete has a buddy to guide them through the soccer activities, and help them enjoy the experience as much as possible. Some BB athletes may be in a wheelchair and need to be pushed, while some very little help and direction. This past season they had between 25 - 30 BB athletes at each session, so they need that many volunteer buddies.

The activities take place at the Ward 3 Power Center soccer fields, and are facilitated by Paul Burgess - reach out to him with specific questions.

Season Information

  • Dates: TBD
  • Location: Power Center Complex, 3210 Power Center Pkwy, Lake Charles
  • Sessions: Sessions involve dribbling, passing, scoring games and activities. There are usually 3 games for each 1 hour session.

Email for registration and questions

Note: Additional information including maps can be accessed via the “Resources” link below.